Activity Ideas for the Star Riders Day Camp


Hi, horse club members! These are the ideas I have so far for the Star Riders Day Camp.

  • Horse-themed jeopardy
  • Trail Ride
  • Painting plastic horse models
  • Halter tying contest
  • Service project (mucking out for neighbors with horses)
  • Skits for how a certain breed began
  • Horse shoe
  • Relay races
  • Horse-themed Capture the Flag
  • Lunch (of course!!)
  • Horse race (bring a younger sibling to ride on your back–or if you’re smaller, an older one for you to ride)
  • Coat color slapjack (a game with flashcards)
  • Bathing a horse

At day camp we’re going to split into 2 teams and each activity (except  for lunch, bathing  a horse, the trail ride and the service project) will get your team points. Whichever team gets the most points by the end of day camp will win a trophy with their names and team name on it which will be kept in the clubhouse. They will also get either a medal or a ribbon (I haven’t decided yet). If you have any other ideas, just post a comment or email the Star Riders Club at 🙂